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thank you!

Wow! Thank you for joining the webpreneur community here on Skill Space.  I'm eager to be a part of your business-building journey!

First off, I'm Amy Smith. I have been a webpreneur and online small business owner since 2007.  I've learned a lot over the decade and have been down in the trenches for each of the startups and trends.  I've definitely failed.  But I'm so passionate about where I am and where I've been and helping fellow online entrepreneurs be successful -- not overwhelmed!

I have spent a lot of time pivoting and creating amazing content for each of you.  Signing up for my free email list is just a tip of the iceberg and a great way to stay updated.  I promise I won't spam you!

But for more free resources, read the Skill Space blog or listen to the Build Your Biz podcast

Otherwise, the membership training portal has hours upon hours of great content in the bullpen ready to help you build your business.

So, let's build your business together, shall we?