Your Guide to Filing Taxes as a Small Business or Blogger

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Your Guide to Filing Taxes as a Small Business or Blogger


UPDATED 9/25/2017

A 59-page resource with various key topics addressing what small businesses, brands, bloggers, and creative entrepreneurs run into through out the tax year.  Topics include whether you should file as a hobby or a business, how to claim deductions, giveaways, free products and services from brands or to bloggers, bookkeeping, common mistakes.  Plus, you'll get a cheatsheet, income and expense spreadsheets, tools and resources, and the tax forms themselves!

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Table of Contents

Are you a hobby or a business?

  • How the IRS defines “hobby” and a “business”
  • Helping you decide how to file as a business versus as a hobby
  • A brief description on how to register your business

A quick guide to business structures

  • Discussing the main types of business structures that brands, blogs, online
    shops, creative entrepreneurs, and other small business typical fall under
  • How to become a sole proprietorship
  • How to become an LLC
  • What tax forms you should be filing

Get familiar with the main tax forms

  • Explaining what forms you will be filing as a business, blog, or brand

All about those fun deductions

  • Discussing how you can claim office space and other business needs

Profitable business pay more than once a year

  • The Quarterly Estimated Tax
  • How to determine if you are required to file quarterly

So you’re hosting a giveaway…

  • Breaking down the three types of giveaways
  • How a blog or brand can run a giveaway without a headache

Gifting in the online and blogging world   

  • Differentiating a “gift” from “advertising in kind”

Let’s talk about bookkeeping to make your life easier    

  • Bookkeeping 101
  • What the IRS requires business owners keep

Common mistakes