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Accounting + finances

Are you an accountant or book-keeper that can offer services or coaching sessions for blogs and small businesses needing basic finance or tax advice?  Be featured here!

copy + publishing

Copyediting is the first stage of editing, where all the grammatical errors are removed from the text, and the editor ensures that the text flows nicely and doesn't contain any factual errors.

Structural editing is more big-picture stuff: in a fiction novel, for example, this might be going through and making sure that characters are consistent in their behaviour and the plot makes sense.

Proofreading, a term often used as the umbrella for all this, is the final stage of editing, once everything else has been done and the text has been inserted into its final layout (or the 'proofs'). Proofreading is designed to pick up any errors that may have been introduced when the text was copied over into its new layout, or any small errors that may have been missed earlier. 



Elah Tree

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