This policy pertains to all bloggers, businesses, and brands regardless of the way in which we work together. Some of the policy may or may not apply to you, but please read it over anyways and I will emphasize any parts that apply to you through our communication.

Thank you for your consideration of Skill Space for your next guest post submission.  We have several criteria for you to read through before committing to a topic or submitting your post for publishing on the blog.  If you have any questions, need clarification, or would like to proceed further, please email us.  Thank you!


It hurts both parties if content is not original, regardless of if you’re posting on this blog or another blog.  We understand that you may be tempted to recycle an awesome post that you’ve already written or recycle the post you’re wanting to contribute to Skill Space to your blog or another blog.  Why is this so detrimental?  If search engines detect that our blogs have identical or even similar content, they’ll think that we copied each other. This means that we’ll both be marked as spammers and our blogs will be ranked very badly in search results.

Google does reach out to bloggers to remove links or entire posts if they deem them spam and it’s difficult to argue with Google.  Skill Space does not want either our blog or your blog/content to be categorized as junk, so please refrain from this practice in general.

Learn more about why reposting your old content hurts your blog here.


Images help create visual appeal, whether they are photographs or graphics.  At least one image helps make the article more attractive and therefore it increases the chance the article will be read and shared.

Also, speaking of sharing, it’s a lot easier to share an article with a pin-worthy image — even if you aren’t entirely great at creating the best looking pin-worthy images.  By having at least one image, a reader will pin and share that image as the face or cover of the article.  We will also be using that image to share the article on our social media channels.


Due to legal reasons, Skill Space cannot accept photos that do not meet the following criteria: an original image (eg, one that you have personally taken on your own camera) or you have properly cited where and whom the image comes from.  Legally, we both can be considered responsible for “stealing” and there are all sorts of ramifications for doing so.  (Not to mention, we don’t want to be stealing from anyone anyways, but most people don’t recognize that is what they are doing.)

If you are properly and legally using another person’s image:

  • Pinterest does not count as a source, neither does Google images.  We need to at least have the URL in which the image can be found on.
  • There are plenty of stock websites that you can use in which the Terms of Use (TOU) allow you to use their images/graphics for yourself on the Internet.  All they ask is for you to just give them credit.  So if you need to spice up any article with visuals, refer to them.  (P.S. as a rule of thumb all articles regardless of what blog they are posted on should typically include at least one visual.)

If you are using your own original images:

  • Please be honest.  Don’t pretend to you are the photographer or designer if you are not.  We could both be sued.
  • If it is your own work, for your protection go ahead and put a watermark or your website URL somewhere on the image.  This also benefits you should your article get shared or pinned on Pinterest.  Double whammy!
  • Please ensure quality photographs: good lighting and correct focus can go a long way in professionalism and content merit.


Skill Space does not edit articles.  We post 99% of the articles submitted to us as is.  It’s your piece of work simply being promoted and featured on our blog.  With that said, Skill Space will make it clear that your guest post is not our work in the hopes of promoting you and your brand.  Skill Space, therefore, requires at least an author’s name to include in the copy/text.  If you would like to send more, we would love to include an author’s bio, a URL link to your blog or website, and/or any and all social media links.

Secondly, Skill Space requires you feature your name or brand as the author of the article.   As aforementioned, we do not want to take credit for your hard work.


This is a protection of both our sites.  Google red flags “do-follow” links as spam and lowers the credibility and rank of a webpage that uses them.  If you want to promote your blog, brand, business, then the best way to do so is to have your guest article, in-post mention, or product link be deemed trustworthy and credible.  This will increase the rank of the webpage that features your guest article, in-post mention, or product link and therefore when people search for the subject matter or product they are more likely to find it if the webpage is credible and given a higher ranking in search results.

Also, Google will reach out to you to remove the link from Skill Space should they red-flag it as spam, a solicitation, or not a credible source.

Lastly, please refer to #1.


Guest posts on the Skill Space blog are free to members only.  If you are not listed as a Skill Space member, please inquire about becoming a member or submitting a guest post without membership.

Payment must be sent prior to scheduling a date to go live on the blog.  Scheduling works on a first come, first serve basis.  This is non-negotiable.

Example scenario: author A reached out and pitched an idea to TC on February 1 and author B reached out and pitched an idea on February 3.  Author B went ahead and submitted payment on February 4, they therefore get priority on the next available guest spot opening.

All payments will be submitted via PayPal.  You are responsible for incurring any fees.  We will refund payments otherwise.  Fees are only incurred if you pay with a card or use PayPal Credit.  There are zero fees if you use your PayPal balance or your bank account.

Once we have received payment, we will reach out to let you know all upcoming available dates.

Please submit your article within the email body.  Do not send it as an attachment in Word or as a Google Docs document.  Send visuals (graphics/images) as attachments in that email.


Your post will go live at 6:00 a.m. EST. on the date that we agreed on.  It will be the only post scheduled on the blog for that week.  We only schedule one post per week to focus on promoting each post and ensuring quality blog content over quantity.  Blog posts will be promoted several times on social media channels over the course of thirty (30) days at a minimum.


If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via email or Twitter.

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