Want to know something cool about me?

I guess I can find a few things to share with you if you want to know more about the creator lady of all the content your reading and watching:

  • Born & raised in Georgia with a constant desire to have traveling adventures.  My husband is an immigrant to America and we met in 2008 through mutual friends at a retreat for our college Campus Catholics.  If we could, we would move to Switzerland or Oregon, but we won't leave Georgia because it's where our family lives.
  • We live in a northern suburb of Atlanta with our daughter -- now a sassy little active toddler.  He's an introvert whereas I'm an extrovert so it's a cooky mix, but we are both homebodies and enjoy the outdoors. 
  • Duncan's 9 to 5 is as an engineer working in corporate America, but he opened his own shop this summer and is hoping that kicks off (shameless plug? oh well! I'm proud of him!).
  • My 9 to 5 is really a 7am - 8pm two-days-a-week job working as an oncology nurse at major hospital system here in Georgia.  I absolutely love it and even if I was a billionaire I would still probably do both this website and oncology nursing -- heck, I'd probably still live in the same house, we just would travel a whole lot more.  These two career paths, they are completely different, but they are my calling.
  • You can follow me personally on Twitter & Instagram @amymsmith12.

hi there!

My name is Amy Smith.

I am the main lady behind this website.  It was actually my husband, Duncan's, idea to create a website that he calls "like an Angie's list but for small businesses."  Having a combined 8+ years in blogging, photography, branding, and graphic + web design, I took the idea and ran with it.  I have since added a new member to our team: Georgina!  You can learn all about her below.

So, those years of experience i mentioned?

Some of you may remember me from my blogging days at The Charming.  I have since removed it and put all my energy into Skill Space.  

In addition to blogging, I have been doing photography since 2007 and in 2012 I created my own freelancing business. 

Since 2012, The Brand Creative has been offering branding management, photography, and graphic design work for clients here in Atlanta but also around the country.

now what?

We have goals.  My husband, Georgi, and I, yes, but you including.  We want to help you.  We created this website to help you.  Branding, business, and photography have been my "thing" for a decade now.  It was originally just something to do until I got my nursing degree, but it really has become such a passion.  I love blogging about it, I love the online world, I love the tech and gear, the people, and even the behind-the-scenes stuff.  I have so much fun!  We are sharing it with you.  We have so many goals and ideas, so I apologize in advance if sometimes we go a little overboard ... sometimes it takes me a second to rein in my reality.  However, I truly hope this is a place for you to find some answers, but also find some support so you can

stop searching, Start connecting, & start being your own boss.



Georgina is a former fashion designer, dinosaur graphic designer - She started way back in 2000 on her first Macintosh. I know...old!! - turned executive VA, social media strategist, and Facebook ads manager. She loves all shiny new objects preferably in the online space - nerd alert- and she dreams of having her own fashion blog while she sips her not diet approved mochachino...because you know..life is still too short not to indulge from time to time. Her greatest love is her fur baby and living next to the beach should be mandatory forever for her. In short...if you have questions about being a VA, anything social media or FB ads she is your gal.

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