8 Time-Saving Tips for your Social Media Strategy

Social media marketing (SMM) can be overwhelming.  The do's and don'ts, which network to use, how to use it, should you advertise, how many times a day should you post, and so on.  Try these eight tips to get your sanity back when deciding on your SMM strategy.

01. Stick to 2-3 networks

  • Figure out which network works for you and spend your time and energy there.  If you are more comfortable on Twitter, engage and flourish on Twitter -- don't go trying to figure out Snapchat and start from scratch with a completely different platform.
  • Listening to one expert who advocates on at least dabbling on all the networks prompts me to relay this message: maybe you might fall in love with Snapchat and maybe that is where YOUR audience is primarily.  If the latter is definitely true, then you should work Snapchat into our top 3 while resuming Twitter. 
  • Keep with the mantra: If you build it, they will come.  But you can't build anything successfully if you are spread too far thin on multiple networks.
  • Skill Space is present on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest but only with the help of having the four platforms shared between Amy and Georgi.

02. Only focus on the metrics that count for you and your brand: 

  • For your own sanity, develop your social media marketing strategy around the metrics that really matter for you: is it engagement, retweets, click-through, likes, comments, list-building?  There are so many options, so don't get overwhelmed with all of it because the strategy is different for each metric.
  • For instance, thousands of followers doesn't mean much if you rely on them to buy from you and they aren't buying.

03. Stay on track with your brand and strategy, but don't be afraid to trial and error

  • Having a strategy and plan is essential in keeping you both on track, consistent, and sane.  Plus your followers are coming to you expecting the same plan as yesterday -- that's why they are following you.  So if you post about home and office pictures on Instagram, they rely on you to post home and office pictures -- flip-flopping strategy is not a way to retain followers.

  • Now, changing strategy altogether can be a successful process but it must be tackled carefully.

  • Trial-and-erroring tweaks that could become successful is recommended because social media and even online business strategy is ever-changing.  Paradigm shifts are infrequent but important.

04. Use a social media scheduler to plan out evergreen content far in advance

  • There are many social media managing and scheduling platforms out there, like the two mega-hitters Buffer and Hootsuite.  Find the one that works best for you and use it.  

Read: We provide a comparison checklist for free in our post that compares 12 of these social media platforms.  

05. Devote only small batches of time to interacting on social media each day (many recommend 30 minutes a day). 

  • Always try to respond to @mentions, but maybe organize tasks by day, e.g. On Monday engage in groups and communities, on Tuesday and Thursday repost other's content that your audience might enjoy, on Wednesday ask your audience questions and pique their brains, on Friday share some personal or fun tidbits.

06. Post at the right time, and more frequently (more is better with social media)

  • Do you know what is the best time to post for your audience on the different social media networks?  It's different for everyone and there are many tools that can help evaluate what is the best time for you to post.  However you can't go wrong with learning some of the across-the-board averages for each account:

07. Automate all blog posts to publish to social media

  • Automating blog posts mean that as soon as it is published or goes live, a social media post is automatically posted on social media as well.  Most content management systems (eg, WordPress, Squarespace) can do this for free by syncing your social media channels to the platform.  Bloglovin' and IFTTT can also do this for you for free.
  • In addition, there are many freemium tools that can add more advanced features so that you can do this.  If you are on WordPress, we highly recommend CoSchedule.

Set up Google Analytics to email weekly reports straight to your inbox

  • This way you can see which channels are sending the most traffic to your website (and this way you don't have to worry about logging in and doing it yourself).

Read: How to set up Google Analytics to send traffic reports straight to your inbox.

What tips do you have for improving social media strategy?

Did we miss something?  We'd love to hear all about it in the comments!


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How to Set Up Google Analytics to Email You Acquisition Reports

Google pretty much dominates when it comes to how a website ranks on the web, so it's not surprising that Google Analytics would have an elaborate system of tracking your website's performance.  The Google Analytics system has many great metrics to measure so that you can stay on top of how your website is doing, engagement, who and where your audience is coming from geographically, amongst other data.

A really important metric is learning how your audience is getting to your website (eg, where your traffic is coming from).  This is called "Acquisition."  The four main categories include the following:

  • Direct acquisition is someone who types your website address into the search bar and clicks "enter" or "submit."
  • Referral acquisition is someone who clicks on a hyperlink from another website that connects (or points them) to your website.
  • Organic acquisition is when visitors search an inquiry into their favorite search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc) and it yields a result with your website and then they click to visit your website.  The importance of understanding how this work is detailed in our SEO Like a Pro blog series.
  • Social acquisition is visitors coming to your website from a social media network like Facebook, Twitter, or even Reddit.

Are you a business or a hobby?

Believe it or not, the IRS actually doesn't care whether you are a business or a hobby.  If you make money, you pay taxes.  End of story.  The only reason you need to know if you are a business or if you are a hobby is so you know how to file taxes.  We will go into this "how" in greater detail later.  For now, we will further explain why you should file as a business.

The IRS typically utilize the following characteristics for businesses:

    • Businesses are “profit-minded"
    • Businesses have an independent bank account
    • Businesses track income and expense
    • Businesses keep records

These just about describe any blogger, creative, entrepreneur, photographer, shop owner, mentor, consultant, designer, etc.

If you sell physical or digital products, provide services, offer sidebar advertisements on your site, work with brands or businesses in any way (eg, doing a feature post), or receive compensation in any form (including free product) you are operating as a business according to the IRS.

What distinguishes you as a hobby is if you continue to claim losses instead of profit.  If you claim losses two consecutive years in a row, the IRS deems you a hobby and you can no longer get the perks of filing as a business.  Hobbies cannot claim financial losses at year-end in order to pay less taxes or receive more of a refund, nor can that new laptop and Adobe software be used as a deduction.

The advantage of filing taxes as a business is that you can claim both deductions for expenses (eg, your fancy new computer) and financial losses (as long as it is not two years in a row). 

Read more: Your Guide to Filing Taxes as a Small Business or Blogger: the Mistakes Bloggers and Brands Make and How to File Taxes in Your Favor


Get access to curated free content, our free e-course Building Your Business 101, access to our scheduled live chats and mastermind sessions, a library of resources, original stock photos, and newsletters with valuable information and exclusive opportunities. 

How to Create an Optin Freebie in Squarespace for FREE

Step One

Go to your Squarespace dashboard and enter your blog portal.

Step Two

Once in your blog portal, choose a blog post and open to edit it.

You need to add a content block; once you open the window of content block options, scroll down and under “More” select “Newsletter.”

Step Three

You will first be prompted to choose a Google Drive or Mailchimp account.  Once you have selected your account, then you will be able to start editing your Newsletter content block.

In the Display section, edit your “Title” to something more catchy like “Grab your freebie!” or “Sign up to download your free checklist.”  Then edit your subscription, click whether or not you want to require the name field, and your disclaimer.

Then, in the Storage section, in case you didn’t already do it when prompted at first, make sure your new email addresses go to the right storage list in your Mailchimp or Google Drive accounts. 

Step Four

In the Advanced section, this is where you change the “Subscribe” button to say something more like “Join now,” “Submit,” “Grab your download,” etc. However, this is also where you add your freebie.

In the “Post-Submit Message” area, you need to say your little “thank you for subscribing” but also “here’s your freebie!”  Then what you do is you highlight that “here’s your freebie!” message you choose to use and click the option in the editing bar that allows you to add a link/hyperlink to the highlighted text.

At that point, the new window allows you to add an external hyperlink to your highlighted text, or you can attach a file to the highlighted text.

Select the option to attach a file and then you can either upload a new file or search from existing files in your previously uploaded documents. 

Almost all file types are accepted to upload, including PDFs, DOCs, JPGs, and even folders.  

Learn more about this in the official Squarespace support forum that addresses topics like adding files, editing files, etc. 


Get access to curated free content, our free e-course Building Your Business 101, access to our scheduled live chats and mastermind sessions, a library of resources, original stock photos, and newsletters with valuable information and exclusive opportunities. 

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